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June 2017 - A distributor has recently informed customers that the Little Step-U (Parallax #27938) had been made obsolete. While it appears that they will no longer be selling it, we have a number of OEM customers using it and it will continue to be available directly from TLA Microsystems. There is no intention or expectation of discontinuing manufacture of the Little Step-U. We apologise for any inconvenience.


Little Step-U
Unipolar Stepper Motor Controller

Little Step-U (Motor2.JPG-13k)


The Little Step-U is a complete stepper motor control solution in the form of a 1" x 2" PCB. A single TTL serial connection is sufficient to control a 30V/3A unipolar motor up 5000 steps/second in a set and forget fashion. Commands instruct the motor to move to an absolute position, a relative position, until an input is activated or return to one of two previously marked positions. An inbuilt linear ramp function allows the motor to be accelerated and decelerated over a defined period. Other options are to drive the motor in full, half and wave drive modes, stop with windings on or off or to act as a simple translator/drive with step and direction inputs.
  • Unipolar motors to 35V, 3.0A
  • Full step, half step and wave drive modes
  • 1-5,000 steps per second
  • Inbuilt speed ramp (0.1-20.0 seconds)
  • Simple serial commands (TTL interface)
  • Separate power input for motor and logic
  • Suitable for direct and L/R operation in all modes
  • On board clamping diodes
  • Current position register (+/-100,000,000)
  • Zero position and user marker registers
  • Absolute & Relative movement commands
  • Busy output
  • Two inputs suitable for optical stops
  • Slave mode using inputs for STEP & DIR
  • Stop with motor coils on or off


Little Step-U (LSU.JPG-18k)


Command summary and pinout

Full Little Step-U datasheet (54k)

How to buy one


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