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Applied Innovation
Electronic Product Design

are able to offer design solutions that allow your company to compete in an international marketplace by applying just the right mix of electronics know-how, manufacturing experience and kiwi ingenuity, that has worked for well known New Zealand electronics manufacturers. The same approach can be applied to smaller volume, niche products; an area in which New Zealand (and TLA Microsystems) excels.

By keeping you involved in the development process, TLA Microsystems are able to provide the development solution best suited your situation and your product, and ensure that you get what you want, rather than something sounding similar.

To be part of the evolution of an idea through to a complete, manufacturable product is extremely satisfying, especially if the final result is 'your' product.  Whether you are seeking a single fast solution to a problem or are looking to produce or enhance a volume product, TLA Microsystems can fill your electronics needs in a capacity to suit you.


Technical services

Hardware Development
  • General electronic design
  • Microcontroller Specialists
  • Analog, digital and mixed signal
  • Low power and small size applications
  • Control and measurement
  • Power supplies
  • Robotics
  • PC peripherals
Hardware Development (el_des.jpg 12k)
Printed Circuit Board Design
  • Experienced in layout for single sided, PTH and multi-layer boards
  • Full schematic capture and PCB layout tools inhouse
  • Advanced Specctra tools inhouse
  • Experience with several PCB CAD tools
    (PADS, Protel, PCAD, UltiBoard)
PCB Design (pcb_des.jpg 24k)
Software Development
  • Any microcontroller family (4 bit to 32 bit)
  • Inhouse development tools for 8051, PIC, Zilog, Motorola,
    Hitachi, EM micro, Scenix
  • Embedded software in C or Assembler
  • PC DOS software in C, Pascal or Assembler
  • PC Windows software in C or Delphi
Software Development (sw_eng.jpg 11k)
Design for Manufacture
  • 12 years experience in DFM
  • Design for harsh environments with practical EMI/EMC knowledge
  • Design for testability
  • Design for production volumes small to large
Design for Manufacture (dfm.jpg 13k)
  • Clear documentation for records, servicing or marketing
  • Thorough understanding of Quality Control principles
  • Good long term rapport with suppliers locally and internationally
  • Able to communicate effectively with both CEO's and factory staff
  • Successfully undertaken overseas design work via Internet
  • Still enjoy doing this type of work
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